VTubers are human, too.

    Because we are human, we need friends in order to continue pursuing our dreams.
    Because we are human, we need learnings and big stages to grow.
    Because we are human, we need support and a proper off-duty system to take care of our physical and mental health.

    A virtual live streamer / VTuber is a character, but at the same time,
    also, a talented "human being".

    That's why,
    we at Sony Music Group (Japan) have made it our business to discover talents,
    to continue to nurture them, and not to destroy them.

    VEE is a new virtual talent development and management project
    that generously offers all our production and management knowledge, assets, and environment.

    We hope that those who will debut as virtual talents from VEE,
    will be able to fly higher and longer with us and together with friends to whom they can share their visions with.
    It will be a happy place to be for both the talents and the fans.

    This year's “VEE Virtual Talent Audition” is looking for those who want to establish their own identity.
    No matter what gender you are, what you look like, what genre you are good at, what kind of streaming experience you have, or even your nationality. 

    You can concentrate on creating your own worldview, regardless of the real world.
    You can create a story with your friends in real time.
    You can challenge yourself regardless of your past career.
    The potential of virtual live streamers/VTubers is still to be explored.

    Your talent will blossom,
    you will be recognized by the world, and your dreams will come true.
    We will do our best to be there for you and your character.

    We are eagerly waiting for your applications.

    What is a Virtual Talent?

    A Virtual Talent is a person who is not a flesh and blood human being and performs in the “form of a character“.
    They are also called “VTubers” (Virtual YouTubers) or “Virtual Live Streamers”.
    In recent years, their activities have not only been limited to the Internet such as life streaming and videos, but have also made appearances in real events and various media.

    What is VEE?

    VEE is the largest virtual talent development and management project in history, to be launched by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. or SMEJ, in 2021.
    We aim to debut over 50 virtual talents from this project, and in addition to life streaming and video production, we will develop music, voice acting and an array of creative activities for each virtual talent to make their "dreams" come true.
    Sony Music Group (Japan), which has developed a wide range of entertainment businesses, will support the activities of the virtual talents by making the most of its know-how and solutions.

    VEE’s Three Promises

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    • We will not distinguish you from SMEJ’s artists/talent.

      We will treat all VEE members as professionals, just like any other SMEJ’s artist/talent, and as SMEJ has always done, we will amplify your individuality and talent and do everything we can to bring it to as many people as possible. We will work with you to develop your music, live performances, merchandising, and any other field that you’ve been dreaming to aim for. We aim to create an environment that does not and will not let people draw lines because you are a VTuber.

    • We do not provide shortcuts for the big stage.

      We will prepare the best stage for your talent and effort. We aim for the highest level of return on distribution earnings. We will spare no effort to provide daily support, large scale live performances, overseas activities, commercial appearances, etc., as well as support to make your various dreams come true. However, this does not mean that we will provide you with some shortcuts to make your dreams come true in a flash. The world will not accept you if it thinks you are donning an armor that do not match your abilities. We hope that you will be proactively interacting with your fans and your friends at VEE to polish your talent, to become a character that holds an essence, and not afraid to reach your dream.

    • We will not take away your name or character.

      At VEE, we are committed to creating an environment where you can continue to use your character for a long time.
      As part of this, we hope to share the rights to your name and character with you in the future.
      The character that you have developed along with your talent is part of your career and an important asset.
      We aim to create an environment where you can continue to use your characters in a way that does not stop your activities, including careers that we cannot fully support.


    Number 000-050
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    Application Requirements

    • Minimum age requirement: 16 years old
    • You will be able to work continuously for at least one year
    • You have a dream that you absolutely do not want to give up
    ※Gender and nationality do not matter
    ※Applications are limited to those who are residing in Japan
    ※If you are a minor, you will need the consent of your parent or guardian


    • STEP1

      ApplicationStarting on July 20th, 2021

    • STEP2

      First screening:Document screeningDeadline : September 30th, 2021

      Successful applicants will be contacted within a month after the deadline.

    • STEP3

      Second screening:Interview

      Interviews will be conducted online.

    • STEP4

      Final screening:Interview

      Interviews will be held at our office in Tokyo or online through phone calls.

    • STEP5

      For those who pass the final screening

      We will start preparing for your debut, including the creation of character designs.

    • STEP6



    • ・We will not respond to any inquiries regarding the selection process or the results of the selection process after you have applied.
    • ・We will not respond to any inquiries regarding the selection process or selection results.
    • ・Only successful applicants will be notified of the selection results.
    • ・There is no audition fee, screening fee, or any other fee related to the subsequent contract.
      (Please pay for your own transportation to and from the audition venue, as well as electricity and communication costs when applying).
    • ・If you are a minor, please obtain the consent of a parent or guardian before applying.
      (If you are selected, you may be asked to submit a letter of consent.)
    • ・We will not use your application materials or information for any purpose other than the selection process.
      (Please see here for our privacy policy


    Applications acceptance has ended.


    Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    ※We do not respond to inquiries by phone.