FLOW’s “Sign” has exceeded 20 million streams worldwide on subscription services,
contributing to the total number of streams of all FLOW songs reaching 100 million streams and counting!!!

This tremendous phenomenon happened all thanks to the love for FLOW’s music from all over the world. We are turning our gratitude to a “Sign” music video project for everyone around the world to sing in!

So we invite you to submit a video of you singing “Sign”!
We will make a new music video of “Sign” by splicing your performances together,
submitted from around the world.
Perform the song in whatever way you like - as a selfie, solo karaoke, as a band,
with a guitar, with a bass, with drums, with your friends, as a group, dancing, with a choreography, you name it. Submit NOW!

We accept videos submitted only through YouTube and Twitter,
and those that can be made public on the applicant’s own account.
Please note in advance that although the videos will not be deleted based on musical copyright issues over “Sign” from October 26, 2019 thru March 31, 2020, the videos may be deleted after April 1, 2020.

【Collective “Sign” music video project: How to apply】

Submit your video after filling in necessary information from the application form below:

  • ■ Take any performing style you wish: selfie, solo karaoke, as a band, with a guitar, with a bass, with drums, with your friends, as a group, dancing, with a choreography, etc.
  • ■ We prefer the performance of the entire song of “Sign,” although you can submit just one verse-and-chorus or chorus only.
  • ■ Basically we will not use the audio part of your video. We will use the footage only and edit together with the performance by FLOW.
  • ■ Your video will be clipped at an adequate position and length, to be spliced with other videos end edited into one.
  • ■ We will credit the contributor’s preferred names at the end of the completed music video of “Sign.”
  • ■ The completed music video of “Sign” will be streamed through FLOW’s official YouTube channel run by our company. Kindly submit the video only if you acknowledge worldwide streaming.
    FLOW’s official YouTube channel
  • ■ Kindly make the application only after you have acknowledged the following rules and notes.

[Application deadline]
23:59 JST on Saturday, November 30, 2019

After you have submitted the video, post about it on your social networking account with hashtag #FLOWSignWorld and say: Just submitted a video for the project that commemorates 20 million streams of FLOW’s “Sign”!
100 lucky people among those who have posted will win a message video from the band!

<Hashtag project:
Participating conditions and notes>
  • ■ Follow FLOW’s official social networking account
  • ■ Feel free to submit as many times as you wish, however, please refrain from submitting the same content multiple times.
  • ■ Please note that those who have their accounts set as private are not counted as applicants.
  • ■ Please note that applications of those who have unfollowed FLOW’s official account during the screening period after the submissions have been closed, or those who have made their account private, may be considered invalid.

“Sign” music video


“Sign” music video
-Vocalless ver.-


“Sign” music video
-Guitarless ver.-


“Sign” music video
-Bassless ver.-


“Sign” music video
-Drumless ver.-


Please read the following notes before you submit your video.

  • ・Upon submission, please go over the following notes with everyone who has participated in the shooting of your video, and obtain everyone’s consent for the application. As for minor participants, please obtain consent from their parents as well.
    Should there be any claim from the participant of the shooting of the submitted video or any other person with regards to the release of the video on YouTube, the application for this project, or the use of the music video of “Sign,” we ask you to deal with the solution of such issues under your own responsibility.
  • ・If you are submitting a video in which the participants of its shooting are under school age, please make the application under their parents’ names.
  • ・With the exception of the participation under the parents’ names, do not submit someone else’s work.
  • ・We do not guarantee the use of the video you submit as part of the music video of “Sign.” Footage contrary to public policy or deemed inappropriate by Sony Music Labels Inc. (“our company”) will not be used either
  • ・Do not post videos that are contrary to public policy. Such videos will not only be deleted by YouTube or other social media accounts but also have the risks to do harm to FLOW and our company.
  • ・Please make sure that you do not infringe third parties’ rights at the shooting of the video.
  • ・Kindly note that we cannot respond to inquiries as to the use status of the video you have submitted.
  • ・Please be advised that after the submission of the video, the rights to the footage (including the rights stipulated in Articles 27 and 28 in the Copyright Act) belong to Ki/oon Music.
  • ・The applicants and the participants of the video shoot cannot exercise their portrait rights and personal rights such as copyright holders’ personal rights.
  • ・Please acknowledge in advance that we cannot return the submitted video to you.
  • ・We assume that all applications are based on the acknowledgment of all rules and notes stated here, confirmed by all applicants and everyone who have participated in the shooting of the video.
Privacy policy

* If you are 15 years old or younger, please read the following with your parent/s.

  • ・Based on our privacy policy (https://www.sme.co.jp/s/SME/page/privacy_sml?ima=3453 / English counterpart: https://www.sme.co.jp/s/SMEen/page/privacy?ima=4508)a, we will use the personal information you provide us with, such as your name and social networking account, solely for the purposes of the screening process of this campaign project, the inquiries we make to you with regards to the usage of the aforementioned video, and the creation of statistical materials that are not personally identifiable; we will not use the information for other purposes.
  • ・In order to attain the purposes mentioned above, we may disclose the personal information you provide us with to our subcontractor. In such cases, we subcontract the work based on the acknowledgment that the subcontractor handles personal information with tight control on the same level or higher than our company.
  • ・We will store the personal information you provide us with under tight control with necessary measures to protect them from leakage, loss, unauthorized access, etc.
  • ・After attaining the aforementioned purposes, your personal information will be discarded immediately under our responsibilities in an irreparable manner.
  • ・For inquiries with regards to the personal information you have provided us with, please contact the e-mail address below.