Masafumi Gotoh: Vocal & Guitar
Birth Place: Shizuoka, Japan

Takahiro Yamada: Bass & Vocal
Birth place: Shizuoka, Japan

Kiyoshi Ijichi: Drums
Birth Place: Kanagawa, Japan

Kensuke Kita: Guitar & Vocal
Birth place: Kanagawa, Japan


##ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION was formed in 1996 at the college's music club in
Yokohama, Japan.
ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION was the first band ever to join for Gotoh, Kita,
and Yamada.
Later on, Ijichi, who was then already a drummer of another college-band,
joined three. The band began to write their original songs (lyrics written
in English) and started to perform at the school and in the local Yokohama

##The band released their first independent album with six songs (all lyrics
written in English). The album was sold at clubs where the band played, and
also through online shopping.

##The band hosts several independent events including "YMD" at CLUB 24,
Yokohama. In the same year, the band recorded their first
written-in-Japanese song, "Konayuki" (Powder Snow) and began sending the
tape to each music programs specializing in independent musicians of the
several different FM radio stations. This effort led "Konayuki" to go on the
air for the first time ever.
Later, the band released their 2nd independent album containing songs with
lyrics in Japanese. The band began to draw a large number of audiences to
their shows held in various clubs in Tokyo and other cities.
2001 was the year the band began playing regularly in Shibuya,
Shimokitazawa, and Kichijo-ji with more-than-ever enthusiasm.

##The band joined the compilation CD of Under Flower Records.
In November, they officially released their first mini album "HOUKAI
AMPLIFIER" (Destruction Amplifier). This self-prophetic album scored No.1 at
the Highline Records' weekly chart in 2 consecutive weeks, and climbed to
No.35 in the ORICON indies sales chart.

##On April 23, "HOUKAI AMPLIFIER" was exceptionally re-released from Ki/oon

##In May, their first headline show was held at Shimokitazawa Club Shelter.
In the summer, the band played both in FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 03's "ROOKIE A GO
GO" and SUMMER SONIC 03 in Tokyo and Osaka.

##On Augst 6, the 1st single "MIRAI NO KAKERA" was released.
On October 16, the 2nd single "KIMI TO IU HANA" was released, and the first
full album "KIMI TSUNAGI FIVE M" was released on November 19.

##From January 19 to February 25, the band's first headline tour "five nano
seconds" (13 shows) was held.

##The 3rd single "SIREN" was released on April 14, and then followed the 4th
single "Loop & Loop" which was released on May 19.

##The band held "ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION presents "NANO-MUGEN FES."at
In the summer of 04, the band played in more than 10 summer festivals,
04, to name a few.

##On August 4, the 5th single "RE-WRITE" was released, and following that
single, the 6th single "KIMI NO MACHI MADE" was released on September 23.

##The 2nd album "SOL-FA" was released on October 20, and it debued No.1 on
ORICON ALBUM CHART for 2 consecutive weeks.

##The band went on a national tour (12 shows) named "Tour SUI CUP 2004 -No!
Member, November" from November 2 to December 5,including their first
headline show at NIPPON BUDOKAN.

##The first video clip DVD "EIZO SAKUHIN SHU DAI 1 KKAN" was released on
November 26.

##Their first extensive tour (March 14- June 26) titled "Tour 2005 "Re:Re:""
was held, playing 48 shows in 38 cities throughout Japan.

##Their first live DVD "EIZO SAKUHIN SHU DAI 2 KAN - Live at BUDOKAN +" was
released on April 20.

##ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION presents "NANO-MUGEN FES. 2005" was held at
Yokohama Arena on July 9.
8 bands (4 Japanese bands including AKG, and 4 UK bands) had performed at 2
stages. Also, the compilation CD for this festival, entitled "NANO-MUGEN
COMPILATION" was released on June 8 - including the songs by the bands which
had performed at this festival. ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION had included the
new song "BLACKOUT".

##The summer of 2005 saw the band appearing at the main stage of major
summer festivals - SUMMER SONIC 05 (TOKYO & OSAKA), ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 05,

##The 7th single "BLUE TRAIN" was released on November 30.
Then followed a short tour (5 shows) named "Tour SUI CUP 2005 - winter the dragon" in December.

##The 8th single "WORLD APART" was released on February 15.

##The 3rd album "FANCLUB" was released on March 15.

##Long awaited national tour entitled "Tour 2006 "coung 4 my 8 beat" began
from April 24. Tickets for all 38 shows were sold out.

##ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION presents "NANO-MUGEN FES. 2006" was held at
YOKOHAMA ARENA for 2 days.
12 bands (7 Japanese bands including AKG, 3 US bands and 2 UK bands) had performed.

##The band played at GREEN STAGE (main stage) for the first time in FUJI
ROCK FESTIVAL 06. (The band had played in FRF for 3 times)

##The first compilation album "FEEDBACK FILE" was released on October 25.

##The first arena tour entitled "TOUR SUI CUP 2006-2007 "The start of a new
season"" was held from November 11 to January 11, 2007. Approximately
100,000 fans had attended this tour.

##The 9th single "A Town in Blue" was released on November 29. This
single was the theme song for the animated movie of "TEKKONKINKREET"
written by Taiyo Matsumoto.

##Their 2nd Live DVD "EIZO SAKUHIN SHU 3 KAN "Tour SUI CUP 2006-2007 - The
start of a new season" was released on March 21.

##The 10th single "AFTER DARK" was released on November 7.

##After ending their appearances at the major domestic summer festivals and
festival in Korea.ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION are currently working on a newalbum.