1st single 『SAD TO SAY』で衝撃的なデビューを飾り、シングルリリース毎にその斬新なサウンドメイク、同世代の気持ちをリアル且つ独創的に表現した歌詞、強烈なインパクトを残すジャケットやビデオクリップも話題に。

Born in 1989.
She was getting familiar with music which influenced by her family from her early age. Starting from gospel music, and then meeting black music, she decided to become a professional singer.

She started the singer activity at the age of seventeen. Her unbelievable voice performance and perfectly expressed of all emotional feelings among her generation on lyrics, she was being signed a contract within a year.

1st single "SAD TO SAY" was released. Every single was created with new sound treatment production. The lyrics express the real feelings of the same generation. The strong image of the CD cover and video clips aroused a strong impact and topic.

Perfectly combining the surprisingly good quality of pop music and the essence of street R & B, with the selection of sharp lyrics, JASMINE is making a totally different and new generation in the music industry.

自小受家庭的薰陶下,從小就熟悉音樂。由福音音樂開始, 然後遇上黑人音樂, 並決意成為一個專業的歌手。

真正的歌手工作於17歲開始。不能相信與她年紀相乎的驚人歌聲演出, 以及同年代的感情也完美地展現在歌詞上, 不到一年就馬上獲得簽約。

首張細碟「SAD TO SAY」震撼推出。每一枝單曲都配以創新之聲音製作, 歌詞中亦表現了同年代之真實感受。強烈之唱片封套及短片片段亦引來強烈的話題。

完美地結合了流行音樂中驚人的質量及R&B的街頭韻味, 歌詞敏銳, 是現今音樂界上的一個全新世代歌手 - JASMINE。