Joe Inoue


Joe Inoue was born in Los Angeles, California under Japaneseparents who moved to the states to follow their career.
He grew up in an environment filled with music, and started listening to music seriously in his middle school years.
He listened to as many types of music, no matter what the genre.
By doing so, he achieved versatility in writing music.

Despite his birth in Los Angeles, Inoue never failed to learn how to speak fluent Japanese.
He accomplished this mainly by "reading crapload of mangas and watching Japanese TV shows", he says.

Gradually, Inoue started recording his own materials on a multi-track recorder, with him playing every
instrument, including vocals, guitar, bass, drums, etc. Hell, he even produces/arranges/mixes his own songs!

In 2005, he decided to send few of his demos to Japan, and signed a record deal with Ki/oon Music / Sony
Music Entertainment Japan. He made his debut with his first E.P., "IN A WAY" in 2007.
Since then, he has released four singles and two albums. He is best known for "CLOSER", which was used as the opening theme for one the most
popular anime in the world, "NARUTO".

Inoue is a member of "J-MELO", a television program by NHK that is being aired in 180 countries.
2013, He starting his new project called “TENGUBOY”.