Cö shu Nie
シーケンスで華やかに彩る独創的な世界観で、ロックもポップも越えて、軽やかに行進するバンド・Cö shu Nie(コシュニエ)。

An experimental rock band with Miku Nakamura (Vo, Guitar, Keyboards, Manipulator) and Shunsuke Matsumoto (Bass).

Having a name in the indies scene, they were picked out by Sui Ishida known as the author for “Tokyo Ghoul” to sing the opening theme song for the animation “Tokyo Ghoul : re ”.

Having that tie-in they came out to the major scene in 2018 through Sony Music.

Known for their unique artistic music videos with over 55 million views, their first single “asphyxia” was in the top 5 of the iTunes chart and for Spotify’s Hits From Japan 2018 they ranked #6 landing in Viral top 50 playlists in 9 countries.

Latest single “give it back” was the end song to popular anime comic book adaptation “Jujutsu Kaisen” exceeding 15M streams.

With crisp vocals and a chaotic band sound, they are a one and only band mastering their creativity.


2018  TV animation “Tokyo Ghoul : re”  Opening theme song  “asphyxia”

2019  TV animation “Promised Neverland” Ending theme song “Zettai Zetsumei”

2019  TV animation “Promised Neverland” Ending theme song “Lamp”
2019  TV animation “PSYCHO-PASS 3” Ending theme song “bullet”
2020  Animation “PSYCHO-PASS 3 FIRST INSPECTOR” Ending theme song “red strand”
2021  TV animation “Jujutsu Kaisen” Ending theme song “give it back”