A techno unit of twin brothers, Tetsushi and Yosuke Hiroyama, both born in Okinawa, Japan. Around the same time when the elder Tetsushi started fooling with equipments to make some music, Yosuke started DJing and they naturally came to work together as Ryukyu Disko to collaborate with their own musical skills and share their visions.

The consistent policy is to pursue “The Sound of Okinawa”. They appreciate the unique musical notes and the traditional sound instruments from Okinawa and utilize them as the basis of their compositions. Being able to exchange ideas without compromises could be one of the strong advantages of being twin brothers.

Tsuyoshi and Yosuke did not miss a chance to talk to Takkyu Ishino and gave him a demo when he visited to play in Okinawa, which led them to release a debut mini album, “Lequio Disk” from Takkyu’s own Plalik label in June 2004.  Ryukyu Disko experienced their biggest stage at WIRE04 @ Yokohama Arena soon after then in July 2004. Rumors of their unprecedent techno music performances spread around in no time and a lot of festivals had to limit audiences at their stages. In November 2004, a DVD,  “Lequio Live – Live at WIRE04” was released.

In March 2005, a long expected debut album, “Ryukyudisk O Tech” was released, including collaborations with top Japanese electronic artists such as Takkyu Ishino, Toby and Naoto. In June of the same year was released a maxi single titled “Churazima” including their first vocal track.  With this single they toured aggressively in Japan for the summer including the festivals like WIRE05, Fuji Rock Festival, Rock In Japan Festivals, Summer Sonic and Rising Sun Rock Festival. At the end of the year, they performed at the biggest winter music festival called Countdown Japan 05/06 and appealed to not only electronic music fans but to rock fans as well.

In January – February 2006, they did the first nationwide DJ tour as “Pitchwork DJ Tour 2006” (13 performances), taken from their same titled resident party in Okinawa. In July, they released the second album entitled “Peekan” and showed wider variety of Okinawan dance music. Like the previous year, they performed at many festivals such as Fuji Rock Festival, Rising Sun Rock Festival, WIRE06, Countdown Japan 06/07. Their territory has expanded not only in Japan but to Asia and Europe: they performed in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and London in 2006.

After transferring to Kioon Record in 2007, they released "NICE DAY feat. BEAT CRUSADERS"(June 2007),  "Nasaki feat. MONGOL800" (July 2007), and "Yume no FUTURE  feat. KOTOMI"(August 2007) as 3 consecutive releases. They also released their original 3rd album "INSULARHYTHM" and a remix album "R3" which includes unreleased tracks from their old band "Platik" together on the following 29th August in 2007. They started to make more public appearance all over the country and performed their first concert tour in the year.

They released 2 singles in 2008, "OK Sampler" by featuring their younger brother NAOTO from Orange Range and "Top of the Island" which is used as theme song of Japanese TV program, "Top Runner"(NHK).

They are planning to release their 4th album in 2009 and spending days of recordings as well as they are involved in many music festivals.

Their activities also expands to work for the other artists including remixes for Japanese top artists such as m-flo, Orange Range, Air, Chemistry.  Since their sensational debut, Ryukyu Disko has been the center of attentions with complete new styles and stances.