Pushim first caught attention in the dancehall reggae scene, but she actually excels in soul, jazz and gospel. She singed with Sony Music Entertainment Japan, and released her debut single gBrand New Dayh in June, 1999, which quickly established her reputation in the music scene with critical acclaim. The first album, gSay Greeting,h was recorded in Jamaica, where she continues to work on all of her albums, and released in March, 2000. The said album was followed by a DJ-Premier produced gem, gSet Me Freeh, and the second album entitled gColorsh (both albums became staples in the music charts).

Pushim became a household name with the subsequent third album gPiecesh (March 2003), which entered in the Top 10 of the national album sales chart and went on to become the best-selling album of hers. In July, 2003, Pushim shared a stage with global superstars, such as Destinyfs Child and Sean Paul, at gSun Fes 2003h in Jamaica. Her next album gQueendomh (August, 2004) shot up to #6 on the charts and in the following, her 5th album, gSing A Songc Lighterh (July, 2006), she got to perform with Luciano, one of the greatest singers in Jamaica. Pushim is the gone and onlyh in the music scene with her excellent vocals and while she remains gQueen of Japanese reggaeh and g#1 Japanese reggae singerh while she continues to cross over to different music styles.