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Using beatboxing as its main rhythm, Kasarinchu combines acoustic guitar with melodious tunes. The two-person unit has a style like no one else in the world. The new album Kasarhythm 2 is on sale now.

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Dancing Dolls

The authentic dance/vocal group consists of five childhood friends from Osaka averaging 17 years old. Before their debut, a video they uploaded to the web was viewed more than 10 million times and became a hot topic, especially on the Internet. Their major debut came in September 2012. The new single Ring Dong is now on sale.

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Diana Garnet

Born in Washington D.C.,USA, and influenced at a young age in music.
Also from a young age, she became interested in anime and Japanese culture, which led her to develop a love of Japanese music and a desire to become a singer in Japan.Finally, Diana received her first big break!
"Nodojiman the World," a television program showcasing foreign talents who love Japanese music, offered her the first real opportunity to show the world her love of Japan and singing.
Diana was able to take home the grand title for the "Nodojiman the World! Spring 2013."
October 23rd, 2013, she released her first single, "Mata Kimi ni Koishiteru."
November 27th, 2013 saw the release of her first album entitled "COVER☆GIRL"

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Entry guidelines
Send us your song or performance on video. There are no restrictions on genre, gender, age, nationality, act configuration, and so on. Tunes can be original or a cover.

*There are no restrictions on the video camera you use for first-round videos. You may even enter videos recorded by smartphone or digital camera.
*Audition process is organized by Sony Music Entertainment Japan.
*The support for debut will take place in Japan.

Entries must be received by April 15, 2014(JST)

We are no longer accepting entries.

Entry qualifications
Any genre, gender, age, nationality, or act configuration.

*Entry is not open to persons with an exclusive contract with a particular production company, recording company, or music publisher.
*Minors require signed consent from a guardian.
*Applicants must be able to come to Japan physically after final round for debut preparation.


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*Minors require consent from a guardian.
Consent will be confirmed at the judging stage.

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    (DVD, Blu-Ray, memory card, etc.)
  • Entry form

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    write down the performing name, real name, age, address, telephone number, occupation, live performance schedule, URL, email address, promotional message, etc., and enclose all.

  • Information about your piece

    (title, songwriter, composer, arranger, lyrics (if original))

*Minors require signed consent from a guardian.
Please include the signature of the person with custody in the space provided on the entry form for the guardian's consent.
If the entry form cannot be downloaded, enclose the signature of the consenting guardian and send by postal service.

We are no longer accepting entries.

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