popjapan.tv guide
popjapan.tv is a Japanese music program featuring NEW & PREMIUM video clips and footages. Watch the latest exclusive live videos and interviews by popular artists in Japan here on popjapan.tv! popjapan.tv is for all Japanese music lovers!
Feature Artist
One bright-futured Japanese artist is selected every month, and featured within the program with video clips, live footages, exclusive interviews, etc. The monthly artist talks about his/her/their daily life, interests, and other behind-the-scene topics, which will show you a vast profile of the artist. This is a key part of the program, and we hope you will name those artists as one of your favorites!
Current Hits
Newly updated Japanese artists and songs are introduced with video clips. You'll find out the hottest Japanese artists right here! We will be showing you fresh and cool videos on a monthly basis.
As the title shows, video clips and artist footage are compiled and featured based on specific genre, gender, project, etc, such as "Male vocalist special", "female band special" or "Japanese hip-hop special"... Hope you'll discover new music genres from the latest Japanese music scene!
Live footage for Japanese artists are rarely seen in Asian countries - but if you watch popjapan.tv, you'll get a chance to watch premium live footage by the best-selling Japanese artists. These footage are provided by Viewsic, one of the hottest satellite music channels in Japan.
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