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" sha la la (live version) "
" Still "(PV)
" a tomorrowsong "(PV)

Skoop On Somebody are:


The group was formed by Take, KO-HEY and KO-ICHIRO in 1995 in Osaka.
In the spring of 2000, they changed their name from SKOOP to Skoop On Somebody. They are lately renowned as an outstanding figure among the R&B scene. The group consists of three talented songwriters/singers, with a gift to perform marvelously together as a chorus unit, who have followed the soul manner songwise without making any limitations whatsoever. Their talent is highly recognised by others, which has led them to participate in various live shows and recordings for famous Japanese artists. Since they made their debut, directors of FM radio stations throughout Japan and R&B fans within the music industry and show business have been very supportive. Skoop On Somebody's new album "Nice'n Slow Jam" might be regarded as an "unofficial best" album, which consists of singles, and remixes, rearranges of their tunes from the past.


" sha la la "

" Still "

" a tomorrowsong "