New Release on Dec.1st (Oct/25/2004)
"Machini Aiga Afurete..." SECL-135

1. Machini Aiga Afurete...
2. Kimino Yumeyo Kanae
3. Silver Bells

"December" SECL-136
1. December
2. Rhythm Medicine type A
3. Jingle Bells -funky elements-
4. December (Less Vocal)

Skoop On Somebody will release 2 singles on the same day!
One is medium tempo piece and another is an up tempo piece - these song will make your X'mas even more romantic!

The leading track of the medium-tempo song is sung and recorded with a choir of 1,000 fans that made up a heartful gospel harmony.
Up-tempo song is a dancable party tune.
Don't miss these amusing two singles!

Video diary from Seoul! (Oct/1/2004)
Enjoy the video diary of Skoop On Somebody from their visit in Seoul.

Skoop On Somebody is featured in popjapan.tv! (Sep/14/2004)
Check out the most recent interview by SOS in popjapan.tv!

They visited Korea to participate in the "FM NORTHWAVE+KBS LIVE KJ CONNECTION", too.
Will be broadcasted by KBS Int'l Radio. Don't miss this one, either.

The On-Air schedule of popjapan.tv is:

Korea October (every Friday) on m.net 20:30-21:00
Taiwan October (every Saturday) on TVBS-G 18:30-19:00
*repeat on-air on every Sunday 00:30-01:00

Can be watched in the US "International Channel", "US Nippon Communications Network", and "Tokyo TV";
in Canada "ICAS Nikkei TV", and in China on OTV.


New Releases!! (Apr/3/2003)
SOS will be releasing a new single, album and a DVD.

05/21-New Single "Dakishimete/My Gift to You"
First single this year, including the major hit offered to CHEMISTRY "My Gift to You" will be self-covered.

06/18-New Album "singles 2002-1997"
SOS's first single collection! Included are their debut song "No Make de On The Bed" to last years' "Bokuga Chikyuu wo Sukuu
-Sounds of Spirit-". SOS's six years of history is packed, and is a MUST HAVE!

06/18-DVD "Live in Performance "
Recorded are their performance @ NHK hall last year. Rehearsal and back stage scenes are also included, and is a all times keep!

Check it out!!! (Mar/20/2003)
3/20 (Today!)
TAKE will make a live appearance by phone on FM802 "HAPPY FUN RADIO"
There will be a special present also.
Don't miss it!!

Skoop On Somebody Live in Performance update!!! (Mar/13/2003)
Skoop On Somebody Live in Performance - Discotique Night -

6/13 Niigata ROTS
6/16 Nagoya Diamond Hall

18:00 open/ 19:00 start
5,500 yen (tax in)

FM NORTH WAVE 10th ANNIVERSARY "aloha all stars" (Feb/18/2003)
Skoop On Somebody, along with other artists will be performing in Sapporo on March 21.

2003/3/21 ZEPP SAPPORO
OPEN 18:00/ START 19:00
Fee: 4,500 yen (All Standing/1 drink)

For more information see...

A January 8 release, R&B Compilation Album "SMOOTH II"is recording "Two of A Kind" (S.O.S. meets Chemistry) (Jan/6/2003)
The big hit compilation album, "SMOOTH" will create the second version.
It will include "Two of A Kind" (S.O.S. meets CHEMISTRY)
SMOOTH II 2003.1.8 Release!! 2,500 yen (tax in)

New Album "Sound Of Snow" to be out on Nov. 27! (Nov/15/2002)
Skoop On Somebody presents the original winter album as they presented "Nice'n Slow Jam" in 2001. Kiyoshi "KC" Matsuo produces all of the tracks included as well he did in the big hit album "Save Our Souls". 6 original songs are written by the band members, and all of the songs are mixed by GERRY BROWN.
Great ballads, funky party tunes, and...
-Enjoy the various scenes of the winter season with Skoop On Somebody's album!

Christmas concert!! (Nov/14/2002)
S.O.S. presents
"Save Our Souls" in Christmas -Sounds of Snow-

12/24-25 tue&wed at Nakano Sun-Plaza Hall

Open 18:30/Start 18:30

more info: SOGO/ 03-3405-9999

Live event and its broadcast on MORRICH! (Aug/28/2002)
"Sony Dream World 2002"
on Sept.14(sat) -time TBA
@Pacifico Yokohama in Minato-Mirai in Yokoyama City (map)

"Sony Dream World 2002" is an put togethered event by Sony Group companies and Skoop On Somebody will particiate the event and perform.
Don't forget to check MORRICH out for its broadcast!

New Album "Save Our Souls" will be in stores on Sept.26!! (Aug/28/2002)
A splendid album with 16 tracks including 3 hit songs is going to be released. It is produced fully by Kiyoshi "KC" Matsuo which CHEMISTRY join "Two of A Kind" and Toko Furuuchi sings "Long for You" with S.O.S.
The first-pressed-special version includes a bonus track "You are so beautiful" which song was a soundtrack of TV drama.

Buy "Bokuga Chikyuuwo Sukuu" and get wall paper for your PC/cell phone!
Sony Music presents with a line up for this summer called "Promised hits!". Buy one of the CD from "Promised hits!" and access to the secret site to download the original wall paper w/ given password. In addition, if you answer the quiz, you will have a chance to win AIBO's newest model.

"Promised hits" are: Zone's "Hitoshizuku", The Babystar's "Hikarie", Mika Nakashima's "Will", Skoop On Somebody's "Bokuga Chikyuuwo Sukuu -Sounds Of Spirit-", and YeLLOW Generation "Kitakaze to Taiyo"

NEW SINGLE: "Bokuga Chikyuwo Sukuu -Sounds Of Spirit-" (Jul/16/2002)
The first TV drama theme song by S.O.S!
Just a little over a month since the release of the single, "Tears of JOY", S.O.S will release a new single, which is a theme song for a TV drama. An up-tempo number, perfect for the summer. The lyrics are co-made by Kiyoshi Matsuo, and S.O.S, the music by S.O.S, and arranged by Shiro Sagisu. For the strings section, GAVYN WRIGHT and London Session Orchestra (known for Jamiroquai) participates.

NEW MAXI SINGLE "Bokuga Chikyuo Sukuu -Sounds Of Spirit-" (Jul/1/2002)
"Bokuga Chikyuo Sukuu -Sounds Of Spirit-"
Theme song for TV drama "Bokuga Chikyuo Sukuu"
SRCL 5379 1,223yen (tax included)
In stores on August 7th.!

New single "Tears of JOY" (Jun/11/2002)
A mellow and sweet love ballad produced by Matsuo "KC" Kiyoshi.The second single of 2002, is a mellow and sweet love ballad! Produced by Matsuo "KC" Kiyoshi, who collaborated in the lyrics with Skoop On Somebody in the preceding piece,"a tomorrowsong". It is a newly written piece made by the members, since the single, "Senko Hanabi". Furthermore, for the coupling song, the Club S.O.S version of hit single, "sha la la", and "a tomorrowsong", is recorded!

New Single "a tomorrowsong"
Check out Skoop On Somebody's latest single: a tomorrowsong

Compilation album "SMOOTH" (Jan/9/2002)
"SMOOTH", a compilation album supervised under Kiyoshi Matsuo, currently the most well-known producer in Japan, has been released in Japan on January 9th. Packed with tracks by artists symbolizing the current generation!!!

title: SMOOTH
participating artists:
CHEMISTRY, m-flo, DOUBLE, Crystal Kay, Skoop On Somebody, PUSHIM, Ken Hirai,
bird, JUNPEI SHIINA, Sowelu, MOOMIN, Toko Furuuchi, Yoko Kuzuya, Toshinobu Kubota

Skoop On Somebody track: "eternal snow"

Official Site (Nov/29/2001)
Skoop On Somebody official English site has LAUNCHED!

"DODECAHEDRON Vol.6 Skoop On Somebody" (Nov/16/2001)
Watch Skoop On Somebody in an exclusive talk show "DODECAHEDRON" on broadband TV!

BIOGRAPHY (Nov/14/2001)
Skoop On Someboday's BIOGRAPHY has been updated!

New Single "sha la la"
The greatest love ballad this fall...
The commercial song for NIVEA BODY, "sha la la" has a touch of acoustic
soul with the combination of the piano and percussion. A pure and simple
sound representing Skoop On Somebody's theory of "love in everyday life".
A ballad that will definitely follow you through fall to winter.
Coupling track "Sokubaku" is deep and reminiscing...
New Album "Nice'n Slow Jam" hits the streets on December 5th!

New Single "shiosai"
Skoop On Somebody showed off their infinite originality and popularity
with their latest album "Key of Love". With this new single, they have
put together yet another amazing piece with their musical talent as a
chorus-band, and a miracle touch of the heart... The music video for
this single was taken in Korea, don't miss it!!!

Album "Key Of Love"
Skoop On Somebody's new album "Key Of Love" will be their first
album as "Skoop On Somebody" since they renewed their name from
"SKOOP" last Spring. 4 chart-topping singles "ama-oto", "Senkou Hanabi",
"eternal snow" and "Still" has been included with 9 new songs, bringing
you a magnificent piece of work. With plenty usage of live performance,
the three members will definitely hit you with their individual talent!