New Album "vertical infinity" release in North America!! (Jul/26/2005)
T.M. Revolution new album "vertical infinity"(TOF-019) will be released on July 26, 2005 from Tofu Records in North America.
It includes the single "ignited"(opening theme from MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED DESTINY)which debuted at #1 on Oricon single chart.
It also includes 3 ENGLISH songs such as 'Web of Night'.
For More info:

Nationwide tour confirmed for 2005!
With the release of T.M.Revolution's new album "vertical infinity" on Jan.26,2005,
a nationwide tour has been confirmed!
Will start from Harmony Hall Zama on Sun. March 6, and will tour 16 cities, 28 shows.
For more details on this tour, will update soon on this site, but for those of you who can't wait,
pls call T.M.R. Concert Office: 0180-993-773!

T.M.Revolution's 8th album "vertical infinity" Release confirmed!!! (Nov/16/2004)
New single "ignited" is now on sale, and doing great on single charts!
Thanks for your warm support!!
AND...the album that T.M.Revolution's working on right now will be released next year!

vertical infinity
January 26, 2005 Release
ESCL-2616 3,059yen (tax incl.)

Details will follow, so keep your eyes on this site!!


New single "ignited" tops #1 on Oricon Single Chart!!
Thank you for your support!
T.M.Revolution's 20th single "ignited", opening theme song for "MOBILESUIT GUNDAM SEED
DESTINY" has hit #1 on Oricon Single Chart (Nov.15 edition)!!

Thank you all for your support!!
Right now, T.M.Revolution is in the midst of his recording.
Can't take your eyes off T.M.Revolution!


Video Comment from T.M.R!!! (Nov/8/2004)
New single "ignited", released on November 3!
Commemorating this release, a video comment from T.M.Revolution has arrived!!
Don't miss, for it's only streaming till Nov.30!!!
*Comments only available in Japanese.

*For Broadband users:

*For non-Broadband users:


Brand new single from T.M.Revolution "ignited", released in Japan!! (Nov/4/2004)
Thank you always for supporting T.M.Revolution!
His new single "ignited" has hit #1 on Oricon Daily Chart!
For those of you who've already checked out his new track, write your comments on
the BBS!!

Performing at "AIR-X"! (Oct/22/2004)
T.M.Revolution will be performing live at "AIR-X", a completely new type of
sports entertainment!!

One of the most hot topics in Japan right now is Freestyle Motocross (FMX),
a radical sport where you compete your trick in the air (10m high) on an
off-road bike.
"AIR-X" will be the first FMX event to be held in Japan!

Saturday February 26, 2005
Osaka Dome
Doors 14:00 / Start 16:00

Tickets: Available from 10 AM, Saturaday, November 13
S:7,350 yen / A:6,300 yen (tax incl.)

Contact: AIR-X Office
06-6233-8885 (10:00-19:00)

For more info on "AIR-X":


The 8th annual end of the year concert "T.M.R. LIVE REVOLUTION '04 -YEAR COUNT DOWN PARTY REMIX VIII-" will be held this year too!!
Can't welcome the new year without being there!

We've already sent out pre-order notices to turbo members.
Hurry!! Deadline for pre-order is Tues. Nov. 2.

Dates are:
*Sat. Dec.11 Zeep Tokyo
OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00
*Sun. Dec.12 Zeep Tokyo
[1] OPEN 13:00 / START 14:00
[2] OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00
*Sat. Dec.18 Zepp Tokyo
OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

*Sat. Dec.25 Zepp Osaka
OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00
*Sun. Dec. 26 Zepp Osaka
[1] OPEN 13:00 / START 14:00
[2] OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00

Ticket price : 5,800 yen with Special Limited Goods!(w/tax)

Information on the commercial release of the tickets will follow!!

Kyodo Tokyo : 03-3498-9999
Kyodo Osaka : 06-6233-8888

*TV Appearances in Japan!* (Oct/18/2004)
Sun. Oct.24 18:00-18:53 NHK-BS2 "BEAT MOTION"
Fri. Oct.29 24:15-24:54 NHK "POP JAM"
Sat. Nov.06 19:00-21:00 BS Fuji "T.M.Revolution LIVE REVOLUTION '04 -SEVENTH HEAVEN-"

New Single "ignited", release date slided to November 3
Please note that due to production reasons, T.M.Revolution's new single "ignited" which
was scheduled to be released on October 27, has slided to November 3.

New Single "ignited"

November 3,2004
1020 yen (tax incl)
*"MOBILESUIT GUNDAM SEED DESTINY" will start airing from Saturday, October 9,

Release date confirmed for the much awaited new single "ignited"!!! (Aug/25/2004)
A track already known to fans as the theme song for "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY", release date confirmed!

New single "ignited"

Release Date: October 27, 2004
ESCL-2598 / 1,020 yen (tax incl)
*Theme song for "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY"

*"Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY" will start airing on Oct.9, PM6:00-6:30!

A new single right after the hit "Web of Night".
Don't miss!!!

Streaming T.M.Revolution in U.S.A 2004 -PART 2-! (Aug/16/2004)
Sorry to keep you waiting so long!!
Started streaming T.M.Revolution in U.S.A 2004 -PART 2- for a limited time!!!
Don't miss!
<> August 16-September 14

*For Broadband users:

*For non-Broadband users:


Confirmed to sing the opening theme song for "MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED DESTINY" (Jul/26/2004)
T.M.Revolution will be singing the opening theme song for "MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED DESTINY", which will start airing on TBS/MBS from October,2004.
The title is "ignited". A close meeting was held between Nishikawa and director Fukuda before making the track, as was the case with "INVOKE".
*T.M.Revolution is confirmed to appear at "The eve of MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED DESTINY"!!
For more info:

T.M.Revolution in USA 2004 -Part 1- Streaming now! (Jul/15/2004)
Sorry to make you wait so long!
T.M.Revolution in USA 2004 -Part 1- streaming only for a limited time!! Don't miss!!

*Streaming: July 15-August 15
For broadband users:

For Non broadband users:

T.M.Revolution on RED CARPET! (Jul/3/2004)
As many of you already know, T.M.Revolution was invited to the World Premier of "SPIDERMAN 2" for which he sings the Japanese version of the theme song for.
See below press coverage:


T.M.Revolution Takanori Nishikawa will be appearing on the red carpet for the World Premier of "SPIDERMAN2"! (Jun/22/2004)
Takanori Nishikawa was invited to the World Premier of "SPIDERMAN2", which will be held at Mann's Bruin Theater (Westwood, CA)
on June 22, from 18:00. He'll be walking down the red carpet!! As told earlier on, T.M.Revolution's "Web of Night" will be included in the
Japanese version of the "SPIDERMAN2" soundtrack, which will be released from Sony Music International.
This "Web of Night" Japanese version will also be released in Japan from Epic Records as a single on July 28.

TMR on Much Music! (Jun/16/2004)
For fans in Canada: Be sure to watch today's MUCH ON DEMAND as T.M.Revolution will be on!
He was interviewed by Nardwuar during his stay in Vancouver, so don't miss!

Press Info!! (Jun/9/2004)
For those of you who couldn't catch T.M.Revolution's perforamnce at PMX, get a glimpse of what it was like at below sites!!!
Akadot http://www.akadot.com/article.php?a=176&http://www.akadot.com/article.php?a=178
J-ENT http://www.nt2099.com/J-ENT/

Plus!!! Check out Nikkei TV's site http://www.NikkeiTV.com, where you're able to see T.M.R's interview in Vancouver!!

New single "Web of Night" is confirmed for the Japanese version theme song for "Spiderman 2"!! (Jun/7/2004)
T.M.Revolution will be singing the Japanese version theme song for the American movie "Spiderman 2", to be released in Japan on July 10!
The title is "Web of Night". This song will be used in TV commercials and promotions within Japan, as well as in ending rolls in over 200 theatres which will be playing the Japanese dubbed version of the movie.
Also in the Japanese version of the Original Sound Track, the English version will be included. And on July 28, the Japanese version will be released as T.M.Revolution's new single!!

To fans in Canada!! (Jun/5/2004)
Following the success of his performance at PMX held in Anaheim, CA., T.M.Revolution, Takanori Nishikawa went to Vancouver, Canada on a promo trip! His article is scheduled to be on the June 6th edition of "The Vancouver Province"!
For fans living near the Vancouver area, make sure that you don't miss it!!
More press info will be updated as they come along..., so keep an eye out on this site!

New message has arrived from T.M.R!!! Be sure to check it out! (Apr/28/2004)
A video comment has arrived from T.M.Revolution! Only a limited time till May 28, so make sure to take a look!




Going to US again to perform! (Apr/13/2004)
Following the success of last year's "OTAKON 2003", T.M.Revolution will be performing in the US! This year, will be doing a concert at Pacific Media Expo, to be held in Anaheim!
Date & Time : May 28, 2004 20:00-
Place: Anaheim Convention Center
For more info, go to the "Music" section on:

Making of "Albireo" can be seen!! (Mar/2/2004)
Streaming the photo session of the brand new single "Albireo" on MORRICH! Only for a limited time from March 1 to March 31.
*For Broadband users:

*For non Broadband users

Renewal of tm-revolution.com!! (Feb/2/2004)
Please come and visit our new official website!

See the performance video of "MOBILESUIT GUNDAM SEED FESTIVAL" on MORRICH! (Feb/2/2004)
Will be streaming on MORRICH, the movie of "MOBILESUIT GUNDAM SEED FESTIVAL", which was held on Dec.27 at Yoyogi Taiikukan. Check it out now, for it is only for a limited time of Feb.2-Feb.29.
For users with Broadband environment:

Photo collection "SEVENTH HEAVEN" confirmed!! (Jan/27/2004)
On the same day as the release of the album "SEVENTH HEAVEN" (March 17), T.M.Revolution's photo collection will be released from Pia. The world of "SEVENTH HEAVEN" is filled, with super shots of T.M.R version 2004! Lots of never seen before pics included!
For the first limited 5000 copies with pre-orders from this site will receive three special post card set!!
Release : March 17, 2004
Price: 2730 yen (tax incl)
A4/all colour 96 pages

POPJAM live special in Makuhari! Appearance confirmed!! (Jan/23/2004)
T.M.Revolution will be appearing in NHK's popular program "POPJAM"!

Time-Open 18:00/ Start 19:10
Place-Makuhari Messe Event Hall
Rerun-Feb.21 (Time: TBA)

Please enter from the below address by Jan.27!

You'll be able to see "Albireo" on AX(Nihon TV)! (Jan/21/2004)
You'll be able to see "Albireo" which will be released on Feb.25, on Nihon TV "AX MUSIC-TV" as AX POWER PLAY #049 from Jan.21!!
Will be a special version with the visual remix from last year's Year Countdown concert!
Please be sure to check!!

Big announcement! The title and release date for the new album confirmed! (Jan/6/2004)
Release date: March 17, 2004
Catalogue #: ESCL-2509
Price: 3,059 yen(tax incl.)

An all new song album since "progress" which was released on Oct.12,2000.
1)First limited edition special package
2)Special entry form postcard included, which you can apply by buying this album and the single "Albireo" released on Feb.25.

Happy New Year! Please keep supporting T.M.Revolution! (Jan/1/2004)
Will be releasing the new single "Albireo" on Feb.25, and his first all new song album in three and a half years will be released in March. In April, he'll be touring Japan! Let's enjoy the year 2004!!

New single "Albireo" release on February 25, confirmed! (Dec/24/2003)
The details on the new single coming in February!

coupled w/ Goin'
ESCL2506 1020 yen(tax incl)

First edition comes with a sticker(3 kinds in all, randomly included)
ConnecteD: If you set the single "Albireo" in your PC's CD-ROM drive, and access the official web site (http://www.tm-revolution.com), you'll be able to see the video clip for "Albireo" during a limited time. (Feb.25,2004-April30,2004)

Special Message from TMR! (Dec/16/2003)
Only few more weeks till the year 2004! TMR sends out his thank yous and season's greetings to all of you who have supported him this year. You can see his message on MORRICH from Dec.16 to Dec.26.
*You need Broad band environment to see MORRICH!*
BB environment: 520bps or higher Operating systems: Windows98/Windows2000/WindowsME Web browser: Internet Explorer5.0, 5.5 Plug-ins: Macromedia FLASH Player5 or higher/Win Media Player7.0 or higher

Updates! (Dec/17/2003)
Releasing new single in February, and an album coming in March! Also, a nation wide tour in April!
For the first time in three and a half years since "progress", T.M.Revolution will be releasing an all new song album. Working on it right now, and will be updating you sonn. For tour schedule, click the LIVE SCHEDULE button!

Guys only gig! (Dec/1/2003)
T.M.R. LIVE REVOLUTION '03 -Strikes Back-
A guys only gig will be held! Sorry girls...

Date&Place Sunday,Dec.28 @ CLUB QUATTRO
Time Open-17:30 Start-18:00
Price 5800 yen (incldes 1 drink)
For more info go to:

Downlaod the special screen saver! (Nov/19/2003)
Commemorating the release of the new DVD, "SONIC WARP the Visual Fields", you'll be able to get the special T.M.R screen saver!
It's only for a limited time, so hurry! Go to his official site & click "T.M.R Links the World"!

The air date for "Mayonaka no Oukoku 03" has been confirmed! (Nov/11/2003)
"Mayonaka no Oukoku 03" was shot at Nihon University college of Art's campus festival. T.M.Revolution appeared as a guest, and was interviewed!
It will be aired on
Nov.17 24:00-24:45 / NHK-000BS2
He answered to some of his fans questions, so don't miss!

Official Site in English is LAUNCHED!! (Oct/20/2003)
Check out the brand new English site for T.M.Revolution!Join the Mail News now for updated information.
Pls don't forget to change your bookmark on BBS as the board is moving from TMR Links the World to the Official Website.

Have you already checked out T.M.Revolution's final episode of the U.S.A. Video Diaries?? (Sep/18/2003)
If you haven't, be sure to check out the below website, because you've only got 5 days left!

The third episode of Video Dairies has arrived! (Sep/8/2003)
Be sure to check out the newly arrived episode of video diaries!! You'll be able to see exclusive shots only available here!!

"SONIC WARP", a DVD full of video clips & more! Coming out soon! (Sep/3/2003)
T.M.Revolution's video clips DVD "SONIC WARP" is gonna be released on November 19. In it you'll find video clips of "Out Of Orbit", "INVOKE" and "Meteor". PLUS!! "coordinator" tour version of "HEAT CAPACITY" and "LOVE SAVER" is rerecorded! Added to this new sound is a collage of clips from the gig and CG, making it a completly new video! Further more, we're gonna include clips from "OTAKON 2003" which was held in Baltimore, USA as a special bonus!

Price:3675 yen (tax inclu.)

U.S.A. Diaries #2 has arrived! (Sep/1/2003)
Check out his performance @ Otakon 2003 & off stage pics you can only see here!

Send him questions! (The deadline is Sept.7) (Aug/27/2003)
Get to know more about T.M.R.!
As Takanori has made his debut in the U.S., he would like to introduce himself more by answering to your questions.
Those who became new fans of him through his performance at Otakon & CD/DVD release from Tofu, send in your questions!
Lucky fans will be answered by T.M.Revolution himself.

How to entry:
Send your
1.Handle Name
2.the State you are from, and
3.your questions


by September 7th!!!!!

Special Message from T.M.Revolution!! (Aug/1/2003)
Meet T.M.Revolution here! Special message has arrived -click now and don't miss!
-Video Message-

We'll start streaming the hand-shake session's digest version from the 15th! (Apr/16/2003)
We've started streaming pics from the huge hand-shake session "HANDS OVER HANDS" on MORRICH.
Recreating the atmosphere where 30 thousand people participated, shots from the session as well as from the waiting room can be seen!
Come & take a look!!
*You need a broadband PC to see MORRICH*
We also have a photo report @ www.sonymusic.co.jp/Music/Info/TMRevolution]

Photo Report Released on Web! (Mar/31/2003)
We've released pictures from the big handshake event " Hands Over Hands", where 30 thousand people attended. Check out the web site at:

T.M.R. LIVE REVOLUTION' 03 can be ordered in advance!! (Mar/19/2003)
Next week, All night NIPPON will give you the chance to order T.M.Revolution T.M.R. LIVE REVOLUTION'03 - coordinator- in advance!!!

'Meteor' video clip has been loaded!! (Mar/17/2003)
Sony Music broadband site 'MORRICH' will air the new single 'Meteor' on the popular channel 'Video Clip24'!!!
For more info check out...

T.M Revolution Web Project 2003 has started today!!! (Mar/12/2003)
Before the release of the new Album 'coordinate' T.M. Revolution has changed to a turbo-web.
T.M. Revolution web project 2003 has started today with a renewed site!!!

For 3 days, TM Revolution will take over the Sony Music (Japanese) site!! (Mar/6/2003)
On March 25, 26 & 27 Sony Music site www.sonymusic.co.jp will be jacked by T.M. Revolution.
On the last day (3/27) of the site jack T.M. Revolution will appear live on Antinos TV!!


"coordinate" release event!! Shake hands with TM Revolution (Feb/26/2003)

Location: Tokyo Big Site West Hall 4th floor
How to join: Purchase the album "coordinate" and you will be be given a sticker.
If it says "ATARI (winner)", you will be invited to "HANDS OVER HANDS" .

2003 Tour dates have been decided!!!! (Feb/19/2003)
The tour for the new album "coordinate" released on March 26, will start!
The tour title is "T.M.Revolution T.M.R. LIVE REVOLUTION'03 - coordinator -"
It will start on April 20 (Sunday) in Japan! 28 shows in 22 cities

For those of you in the fan club turbo, you will receive the concert information via mail.

Coffee (Nov/15/2003)
Nishikawa didn't like coffee but he recovered it recently.
He now brings along a pot with hot coffee in it any where and enjoy it.
Remember he said that his favorite is "Hawaiian Kona" in the Antinos TV?

*Antinos TV is available in PC only.

T.M.Revolution's new single "INVOKE" charted #2 in ORICON!
New single of T.M.Revolution after seven months!
"INVOKE" is an opening song of the new series of legendary animation, "Gundam".

T.M.Revolution WEB PROJECT 2002! (Nov/15/2004)
Special website of T.M.Revolution is open!
Everything about T.M.Revolution is in it.

Special contents from the new DVD "T.M.R. LIVE REVOLUTION'02 BEST" will be available there from 11/15.
Digest film of the DVD and messages from T.M.Revolution can be seen.
Don't miss!

T.M.R.'s Live on MORRICH (Sep/13/2004)
Watch "T.M.R. LIVE REVOLUTION '02 B*E*S*T SPECIAL - SUMMER CRUSH 2002" on MORRICH from Sept.17-30.
(Broadband only; for PC)

Watch T.M.Revolution's music videos on Broadband!!! (Jul/19/2004)
BROADBAND T.M.Revolution All Promotion Video part 1. From his debut to stardom... (25 min) Dokusai -monopolize- VENUS HEART OF SWORD LEVEL 4 HIGH PRESSURE WHITE BREATH
BB environment: 520bps or higher Operating systems: Windows98/Windows2000/WindowsME Web browser: Internet Explorer5.0, 5.5 Plug-ins: Macromedia FLASH Player5 or higher/Win Media Player7.0 or higher