Toshinobu Kubota made his debut in 1986 with single "Shitsui No Downtown". His unique approach towards music, tunes of high quality, distinguished talent as a singer, and outstanding sense of rhythm have fascinated many. He has infused new blood into Japan's music scene and has become a pioneer of an original music style. He has produced numerous masterpieces that have been sung enthusiastically at places such as karaoke bars. In addition to all this, Kubota's one of a kind live performance is highly acknowledged, known to be enjoyable and impressive. He is also in charge of the stage direction and production, and has always challenged to pursue new attempts, which has been copied by other artists in many events.

During the year 1986 to 2000, he has released 9 original albums & 2 best albums. Each album has universality but also fits the need of the time, and has captured the hearts of numerous fans. In 1988, he started recording his pieces abroad-mainly in the US, and has continued producing them there ever since. For the recording, he has vigorously invited guest musicians based in the US, and has widened his musical potentials. This was the time when he strongly decided to "sing to the planet".

In 1993, Kubota moved to New York. And in 1995, he released an album worldwide under America's Columbia Label, eagerly starting as a freshman although he had already established a career in Japan. He has been enjoying his music activities both in the US and Japan ever since. In 1996, his first single in Japan after approx. 1 year, "LA. LA.LA. LOVE SONG" was released, which sold 2 million copies and became a major hit. He then embarked on an "arena hall tour" which led him to 8 major cities. The album was also a big hit in Asia, selling over 20 thousand copies, after the drama "Long Vacation" was broadcasted on TV.

In 1998, Kubota signed a contract with America's Epic Label. And in Hong Kong, his original best album "Toshinobu Kubota Greatest Hits" was released, which topped the chart of the foreign-affiliated record shop HMV. It was also released in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, and sold over 10 thousand copies throughout Asia. From summer to fall of 1999, Kubota released 3 singles. "the best of KUBOTA TOSHINOBU" was released in Taiwan, which sold nearly 10 thousand copies.

In July 2000, he released "Nothing But Your Love" in the US, his second worldwide album that took over a year to make. It resulted in a masterpiece with many outstanding producers and guests involved, whom Kubota got an acquaintance with through his social life in the US. He then embarked on a "convention live" which covered 5 major cities in the US. The above album was released in 8 countries-Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Korea, which was quite uncommon for a Japanese artist.

In September 2000, Kubota released a Japanese original album "As One", after an interval of 4 years. The 2 albums-including the US version were followed by a Japan tour that started in November. It was his first Japan tour after 4 years -7 years for some areas- which covered 37 nights in total and was a big success, enchanting the audiences with his usual sense of humor.

In March 2001, Kubota started his promotional tour within the US to support his second album to be released in the country. A new single,"Candy Rain", which is his first to be released in Japan after approximately 1 year, has just been released. A new album is planned to follow, which will definitely be a piece full of Toshinobu Kubota's unique world. A promotional tour in Asia is also planned.

Many people have admired Kubota's nonchalant character that he has sustained ever since his debut. He is also known to be enthusiastic in absorbing new trends into his music, which has constantly gained zealous supporters of young generation as well as his long time fans. Many of his tunes such as "MISSING" and "AHHHHH!" have been covered in Asia by prestigious local artists, which shows how high the qualities of Kubota's tunes are.

Best album gBADDEST IIIh and gBADDEST~ Only for lovers in the moodh will be released end of this year.

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