DOPING PANDA is a three-piece Japanese Rock group grew out of the rapidly expanding Japanese Indie Rock scene. Signed to a Japanese major label in 2005 spring, they finished/released two albums gHigh Fidelityh and gHigh Pressureh.
In 2006, DP released the 1st major label album gDANDYISMh in April. Sales of this album shot up high, well beyond 50,000. With well-received gDANDYISMh, DOPING PANDA sold out not only big Tokyo venues: ZEPP TOKYO (3,000pax) and STUDIO COAST (2800pax) but also those in local cities: NAGOYA Quattro(600pax), OSAKA Bigcat (900pax) in the following tour.
In matter of no time, DOPING PANDA became one of the most competitive artists to bid for rock festival appearances. In 2006, DOPING PANDA agreed to perform at all the major summer rock festivals such as: ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL (10,000 pax, with entry restriction for maxing out the stage cap.), RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL, SUMMER SONIC (biggest international rock festival in Japan, stage cap 2,000pax).
In fall 2006, DOPING PANDA hit the nation-wide tour for the 2nd time that year: gTOUR06 DOPANISMh and headlined in COUNTDOWN JAPAN (the annual year-end rock festival really prestigious to be on the billing) at the end of the year.
In 2007, DOPING PANDA released mini album gHIGH BRIDh, nearly sold-out the nation-wide tour: gHIGH BRID TIMEh and appeared again in Summer Sonic on Dance Stage(2000cap) to play with LCD soundsystems, Klaxons, CSS, digitalism. Not only succeeding to perform in front of international rock music fans at SUMMER SONIC, had DOPING PANDA gathered such a big audience for the show that the audience entry had to be restricted.
Shitdisko who also played in Summer Sonic and DOPING PANDA got close and also appearing together in a magazine interview.
In 2008, DOPING PANDA released the 3rd album called gDopamaniacsh. Following the release, they went on a nationwide tour (32 places), attracting over 15,000 people. Tickets for the tour were almost sold out. DOPING PANDA will release their long-awaited 4th album at the beginning of the summer in 2009.