Blue Train Blue Train

KSCL-930 / single
2005.11.30 / ¥1,529 (tax incl.)

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Track List
1. Blue Train - - -
2. Road Movie - - -
3. Tobenai Sakana - - -
4. gekkou - - -

A band new single in 1.2years, after the an extensive tour!
Half year since the "NANO-MUGEN COMPILATION" release, and as a single, its been a year and 2month since the last "Kimino Machimade" (2004.9.23), new single has been delievered.
After a long 48show tour, and experiencing the big stages at summer festivals, the band have evolved their sound to the next level.
Single contains "Blue Train" as the main track with 3others, offering dierse sounds making the disc more like a mini album.

M2 "Road Movie" originally was a "song made for the local town - where visited", which was a special feature during the "Tour 2005 Re:Re:" (improvised and made quick tunes for each region wherever we've visited) which developed into a recording.
It was born in Matsuyama on June 11th, and then performed at ZEPP Tokyo on "song made for the local town" segment as a "well made track during the tour".

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION begins here toward the release of its long awaited 3rd album.