MASAHARU、TATSUKI、MARK、REIJI、JUDAIからなる5人組ダンス&ボーカルグループ。2014年開催の国内最大規模オーディション「LINE オーディション」応募者125,094 組の中からファイナリスト8組に選出され注目を集める。

FlowBack was formed in November, 2013 with five guys. They started performing as FlowBack with cool sounds with poppy characters. In 2014, They tried out an audition called LINE Audition that is the biggest audition in Japan.  They were chosen from 125,094 candidates as a finalist of 8 artists, which was attracting the most attention.  They produce their own music, choreography and costumes. We can expect their activities more in the near future!