nano-mugen compilation

July 6th (Thu.) "Weekly PIA (Kanto Area)"magazine.

"All inclusive details on "NANO-MUGEN FES. 2006" official guidebook enclosed.

NANO-MUGEN bandana specialty will be presented to those with guidebooks,
will be given out to the first 1000 persons for both days ! Check out the guide book
for more details !

[ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION presents NANO-MUGEN FES.2006 First Night~FifthNight]

NANO-MUGEN FES. which ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION produces andpresents,
will be held for the 6th time on July 16th (Sun.) and 17th (Mon.National Holiday)this year at Yokohama Arena for 2 days !

Powerful musicians from abroad such as The Rentals, ex-WEEZER founderbassist,Matt Sharp have decided to make an appearance, and at the same time,inspiring and popularJapanese bands will gather as well !Space Shower T.V. will make a large feature of this FES. which have upgradedfrom last year.Live performance of 12 participating artists will be broadcasted for 5consecutive nights.

First Night
1st broadcast : August 14 (Mon.) 19:00`20:00
repeat : August 14 (Mon.) 24:30`, August 15 (Tue.) 7:00`, August 19 (Sat.)21:00`
Second Night
1st broadcast : August 15 (Tue.) 19:00`20:00
repeat : August 15 (Tue.) 24:30`, August 16 (Wed.) 7:00`, August 19 (Sat.)22:00`
Third Night
1st broadcast : August 16 (Wed.) 19:00`20:00
repeat : August 16 (Wed.) 24:30`, August 17 (Thu.) 7:00`, August 20 (Sun.)21:00`
Fourth Night
1st broadcast : August 17 (Thu.) 19:00`20:00
repeat : August 17 (Thu.) 24:30`, August 18 (Fri.) 7:00`, August 20 (Sun.)22:00`
Fifth Night
1st broadcast : August 18 (Fri.) 19:00`20:00
repeat : August 18 (Fri.) 26:30`, August 19 (Sat.) 23:00`,
@@@ @ August 20 (Sun.)15:00`, August 23 (Wed.) 13:00`


Music video of performing artists will be on air for 5 days in a row onSpace Shower T.V.!
Aug.14th (Mon)`Aug. 17th (Thu.)
1st broadcast : Aug. 14th (Mon.)`Aug. 17th (Thu.) 18:30`19:00
repeat : Aug. 14th`Aug. 17th 25:30`, Aug. 15th (Tue.)`Aug.18th (Fri.)8:00` 8/18()
Aug.18th (Fri.)
1st broadcast : Aug. 18th (Fri.) 18:30`19:00
repeat : Aug.19th (Sat.) 24:00`, Aug. 20th (Sun.) 16:00`, Aug. 23rd (Wed.)14:00`

July 7th, 2006 (fri.) 18:30`20:00 SPACE SHOWER T.V.uChartCobainv

2006/07/07 (Fri.) 18:30`20:00
on SPACE SHOWER T.V.uChartCobainv <Japanese Only>
just before the upcoming FES.!

July 3rd, 2006 (mon.) 23:00`24:00 SPACE SHOWER TV uWORLD RIDEv

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION will make an appearance
as guests on SPACE SHOWER TV uWORLD RIDEv. <Japanese Only>
Will feature NANO-MUGEN FES. participating bands from abroad.

June 1st, 2006 (Thu.) 23:00`23:30 SPACE SHOWER T.V. (NANO-MUGEN TV)

Will feature largely on the performing bands of gNANO-MUGEN FES.2006h
by mainly presenting their music videos.
(Will be broadcasted repeatedly.)

(ChartCobain) Collaboration badge design Wanted! & Invitation to FES.

Collaboration badge design Wanted! & Invitation to FES.
For more details. <Japanese Only>