Full digital Animation produced by Production I.G and IG PLUS!
Another masterpiece is being produced
after the worldwide big hit of "Blood the Last Vampire".
Will be released on December 19, 2001 in Japan.
43min x 1 episode

œMain Staffœ
Direction@:@Kanji Wakabayashi
Original Work@:@IG PLUS
Script@:@Nobutoshi Terado
Character Design@:@Sho_u Tajima
Animation Director@:@Kyouji Asano
Sound Director@:@Keiichi Momose
Music@:@Yutaka Fukuoka
Production@:@IG PLUS, Production I.G
Copyright@:@(c)2001 IG PLUS/SVW

Scenes are elaborately drawn by 3D technique. Please enjoy not only the story but also the beautifully drawn Heian-era, surrounded with bamboo bushes, traditional architectures etc...

œStory Summaryœ
Kaidohmaru is one of 'the four knights', who work under the general Minamoto-no-Raikoh. They risks their lives to protect the peace of the capital, Kyo. Sakata-no-Kintoki a.k.a. Kaidohmaru is brought up as a boy and fights battles like a boy, but in reality, she is a girl. She becomes to love Raikoh who is also fighting for peace with her, but he is hardly aware of her feeling.
Opposite of Kintoki as good, there is an evil princess, Ouni-Hime, another main character. She used to play with Kintoki in their childhood. Beautiful but evil Ouni-Hime finds Kintoki beside Raikoh one day and becomes jealous of Kintoki being close to Raikoh. Because she is so jealous, she tries to destroy not only these two but also the whole capital in the course.
Dramatic plot is developed by puzzled emotions between these three characters.

œCorrelation between Main Charactersœ

œTrailer Movieœ
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"KAIDOHMARU" is the second project that SVW and IG PLUS proudly present after the world praised film, Blood the Last Vampire.

Please contact us at: svw-info@sme.co.jp
Phone. 813 5211 7555 / Fax. 813 5211 7570

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